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Analytical chemistry department

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The Ukraine-USA Summer school on chemistry & physics of surfaces*

4-10 September 1994 Taras Shevchenko University, Kiev, UKRAINE

CPS'94 is sponsored by Kiev Shevchenko University, International Science Foundation (USA), the European research office of the US Army

Organizing and Program Committee:

V.N. Zaitsev, Kiev University, Ukraine - chairman
D.E. Bergbreiter, Texas A&M University,USA -chairman
V.O. Andreev, Ukrainian Physical Society, Ukraine
L.V. Poperenko , Kiev University, Ukraine
V.Yu. Reshetnyak Institute of Surface  Chemistry Ukraine
V.A. Tertych  Institute of  Surface  Chemistry,  Ukraine
V. V. Skopenko (Kiev University, Ukraine)
B. S. Hudson (University of  Oregon, Eugene, OR, USA)
A.A. Chuiko (Institute of Surface  Chemistry,  Ukraine)
A. I. Khizhnyak (Institute of Physics, Ukraine)
Yu.G. Ptushinsky (Institute of Physics, Ukraine)
V. V. Soukhan (Kiev University, Ukraine)
V. V. Strelko (ISEP, Ukraine)

Scientific program


  1. Akcipetrov O.A.(Moscow University Phys. Dept.) Nonlinear optical properties of adsorbed molecules.

  2. Barbero G. (Dipartimento di Fisica del Politecnico Torino) Interfacial energy for nomadic liquid crystals: beyond the spherical approximation

  3. Begrambekov L.B. (Moscow Physical Engineering Institute Plasma Phys. Dept.) Surface interaction in model thermonuclear set-up.

  4. Bergbreiter D.E.(Dept. of Chem., Texas A&M University, Collage station) Synthesis and Characterisation at Functionalized Polymer-Solvent Interfaces.

  5. Ferguson Gregory(Department of Chemistry, Lihigh University) Mosaic Tiling in Molecular Dimensions: Chemical Approaches to Nanostructural Thin Films.

  6. Golub A.A. (Shevchenko University, Kiev) Quantum chemical methods for prediction of immobilised molecules interactions.

  7. Gritsyna V.T. (Kharkov State University) Ion beam modification of complex oxide surfaces.

  8. Kalibabchuk V.A. (Kiev Medical University) Polymers for medical application

  9. Kamalov G. L.(Physico-chemical Institute, Odessa) Interaction of Macro-cycle Shift-bases with silica.

  10. Kartel  N. T.(Institute  for Sorption & Endoecology, Kiev) Physico-chemical properties of synthetic carbons and they medical application.

  11. Kholin Yi.V. (Kharkov State University) Quantitative Physicochemical analysis of chemisorption on complexing silicas

  12. Korobov A.I. (Kharkov State University) The rate of a surface reaction in terms of Dirichlet domains

  13. Kravetz V.G.(Institute of Registration Problem for Information)Limitation in optical recording of information on surface)

  14. Loshkaryov Yu.M. (Dniepropetrovsk State University) The role of adsorption phenomena in the metals electrodeposition process.

  15. Mardezjov A.S.(Inst. of Semiconductors Physics)The condition of ellipsometry in situ at deposition of solid solution film of CdHgTe by molecular beam epitaxy metod

  16. Milhofer Helga (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Interaction of macromolecules and molecular assembling at crystal/solution interfaces.

  17. Paradies H. Henrich (Markische Fachhochschule Biotechnology and Physical Chemistry) Internal chain dynamics in polymer-like distearyldimethyl ammonium hydroxide (DSDMA OH) chains and their interaction with surfaces.

  18. Pidzyraylo M.S. (Lviv state University, Physics department) Using of the modified substrate surfaces for obtaining high-resolution cathodoluminescent screens.

  19. Pinkevich I.P. (Kiev University Physics Dept.) Interaction with surface and structure of director field in liquid crystal cells containing disclinations or spherical particles. Influence on optical properties.

  20. Podlipenets A.N. (Department of Electroelasticity,  Institute of Mechanics, Kiev)Long-wavelength phonons in superlattices: Hamiltonian system formalism.

  21. Poperenko L.V.(Kiev University Physics Dept.) Evolution of the nearsurface structure in amorphous metalic alloys

  22. Prokoshin A.F. (Institute for Precision Allays of Bardin Central Research, Moscow) Magnetic anisotropy of the near-surface layers in ribbons of amorphous allous.

  23. Pshenitsin V.I. (State Optical Institute, Moscow) Modified surface layers of optical materials.

  24. Reznikov Yu. A. (Institute of Physics, Kiev) Electrically control of light scattering in suspension of liquid crystal-silica.

  25. Rustichelli F. (Instituto di Scienze Fiziche) Structural properties of monolayers and multilayers of bipolar lipids from thermophilic bacteria

  26. Rychkov A.A. (Russian Pedagogical University, Moscow)  The surface state spectrum modification for fluoropolymer-metal structures.

  27. Shaikevich I.A. (Kiev University Phys. Dept.) Electronic properties investigation of metals by spectro elipsometry with surface polariton excitation.

  28. Sheka E.F. (Russian University  of Peoples Friendship, Moscow) Surface of disperse silica: reality and computer simulation.

  29. Strelko V.V.(Institute of Sorption and Endoecology problems) Surface chemistry and  affinity of inorganic ionites to cations and anions.

  30. Styrov V.V. (Priazovsky State Technical University) The phonon, electron and atomic emission from the surfaces of solids during adsorption and heterogeneous chemical reactions.

  31. Tel'kovsky V.G. (Physical Engineering Institute)Modern state of the researches of physical-chemical pricesses in TOKAMAKs

  32. Tertych V. A.,(Institute for Surface Chemistry, Kiev) Chemical reactions on a silica surface.

  33. Voijtsenja V.S. (Physical-Technical, Institute,Kharcov)The change of optical properties of metallic mirrovs at ion bombardment.

  34. White John M.(Dept. of Chemistry University of Texas at Austin) Photon and Electron Driven Reactions on Single Crystal Metals.

  35. Yashchuk V.N. (Kiev University) The catch of triplet ezitons by molecular oxygen on surface of aromatic polymers.

  36. Yates John T.,Jr.(Surface Science Centre, Dept. of Chemistry University of Pittsburgh) Reactions on Semiconductor Surfaces - Studies at the Atomic Level.

  37. Yatsimirsky K. B.(Institute of Physical chemistry, Kiev) Chaos in chemistry

  38. Yatsimirsky V. K(Shevchenko University, Kiev) Adsorbents and catalysts investigation by means of termoprogrammimg desorption.