Taras Shevchenko National University

Kyiv, Ukraine
Department of Analytical Chemistry

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Department of Analytical Chemistry, Kiev National University

Київський національний університет

імені Тараса Шевченка

Кафедра аналітичної хімії

Natalia Smyk

Personal Data

Born in April 10, 1971 in Kiev, Ukraine, married (1994), have a daughter (2000)



1988-93 T. Shevchenko University, Chemistry dept., Kiev Ukraine, student.

1995-99 T. Shevchenko University, Chemistry dept., Kiev Ukraine, Ph.D. student


Professional  appointment

1993-1995 laboratory assistant at Kiev State University, Kiev Ukraine

1999 till now Assistant Professor at Taras Shevchenko National University, Kiev Ukraine



1993 Specialist at Kiev State University (Advisor: Assoc.Prof. Zaporozhets O.A.), Kiev, Ukraine, analytical chemistry (honored)

2000 Kandidat of chemical sciences  (PhD thesis) at Kiev State University (Advisor: Assoc.Prof. Zaporozhets O.A.), Kiev, Ukraine, analytical chemistry.


Field of interest

The synthesis of  helating sorbents, based on high dispersed silica gel with organic reagents adsorbed, for concentration and determination of metal ions in biological liquids, food and waters. The using of instrumental and estimating methods for investigation of  immobilized reagent interaction with silica gel surface and metal ions with modified sorbents.

The control of water and food quality with stripping voltammetric methods using.


Lecture Activity

Lecture courses (2001-2002):

Modern Methods of Electroanalytical Chemistry

Electrochemical Methods of Environmental Analysis

The Selected Sections of Analytical Chemistry



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[1] Meiden name

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60 Vladimirskaya Str., Kiev Ukraine 01033


tel: +380 44 239 33 45
fax: +380 44 239 33 45


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