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Kyiv, Ukraine
Department of Analytical Chemistry

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Department of Analytical Chemistry, Kiev National University

Elena M. Lysenko
February 24, 1973.


 1995 Specialist (analogue to Master of Science degree) at Taras Schevchenko Kiev State University.

1999 Kandidat of sciences (analogue to PhD) at Taras Schevchenko Kiev State University (Advisor: Prof. Bogdan Nabivanets), Kiev Ukraine, analytical chemistry.


 1990-95 Kiev State University Chemistry department, Kiev Ukraine

1995-98 Kiev State University, Kiev Ukraine, Analytical Chemistry (PhD student)

 Professional Appointments

 1995 laboratory assistant at Kiev State University, Kiev Ukraine

1999 till now Assistant Professor at Taras Schevchenko National University, Kiev Ukraine

Lecture Activity

Lecture courses (2001-2002): The bases of chromatographic analysis.

Practical courses: Chromatography, The analysis of environmental objects, Physic-chemical method of analysis.

 Honors and Awards

 International Science Foundation (USA) Soros Aspirant award.

 Scientific interests:

Investigations of physical and chemical properties of different sorbents, which are used for the determinations of metal acidocomplexes; working out of new sorption-photometric methods of determination and rapid test procedures of metal microquality in the natural and technical objects.

As the sorbents are used: polyurethane foam; the nascent solid-phase extragents on the base of high molecular organic compounds, wich not dissolve in water medium. These sorbents can be used as unloaded and as loaded with inorganic and organic analytical reagents.

The thiocyanate and halogenide metal complexes are used as sorbats. Scientific consultant is Bogdan I. Nabivanets, the academic of Ukraine High School Scientific Academy, professor of Kiev Taras Schevchenko National University. Nabivanets B.I. is author of 2 monographs, 2 text-books and more 300 scientific publications on analytical chemistry and hydrochemistry.

The text-book , .., .., .. (The bases of chromatography analysis, Sukhan V.V., Nabivanetz B.I., Lysenko E.N.) have prepared for the publication.


1. Lysenko E.N., Nabivanets B.I., Sukhan V.V., Gorlach V.F. Sorption-photometric determination of cobalt thiocyanate complexes with used of polyurethane foam // Journal of water chemistry and technology 1997-v.19.N3-p.254-258.

2. Nabivanets B.I., Lysenko E.N.,., Gorlach V.F., Sukhan V.V. Physic-chemical bases of cobalt thiocyanate complexes sorption by the polyurethane foam // Ukrainian chemical journal.-1998.-v.64.5.-p.18-24.

3. Sukhan V.V., Nabivanets B.I., Trokhimenko O.M., Lysenko E.N., Gorlach V.F. Sorption-photometric determination and rapid test procedure for iron in mineral acid with used of thiocyanate and polyurethane foam // Ukrainian chemical journal.-1998.-v.64.8.-p.121-125.

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