Taras Shevchenko National University

Kyiv, Ukraine
Department of Analytical Chemistry

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Department of Analytical Chemistry, Kiev National University

Lionel S. Ivanko

Born July 14, 1972 in Irpen, near Kyiv, Ukraine


1989-1996  Student of Kiev State University,  Analytical Chemistry Dept., Kiev, Ukraine

1996-1999 PhD student of Kiev State University,  Analytical Chemistry Dept., Kiev, Ukraine

Professional Appointments

1999-1993 till now Assistent  Professor at Kiev State University , Kiev, Ukraine


The field of scientific interest:

Analytical reagent  that no covalently binding with silica surface Chemistry on the interface of modifying agent solution / silica surface and metal ion solution/modified sorbent The analytical and complexing properties as function of nature of binding of modifying agent with the sorbent surface. The development of new solid phase O-containing reagents for rapid and simple determination of polyvalent elements in the  environmental objects (water),  alloys. In the base of these methods are sorbents modified by analytical O-reagents adsorption from organic solvents.


List of Publication

1.      Zaporozhets OA, Ivan'ko LS, Marchenko I.V., Orlichenko E.V., Sukhan V.V. Quercetin immobilized on silica gel as a solid phase reagent for tin (IV) determination by using the sorption-spectroscopic method / Talanta, 2001, 55, 313-319.

2.      Zaporozhets OA, Ivan'ko LS, Sukhan VV Interaction between thallium (III) bromide and dicyclohexano-18-crown-6 immobilized on silica / J.Anal Chem + 55: (2) 130-134 FEB 2000

3.      Zaporozhets O.A., Lipkovska N.A., Ivanko L.S., Sukhan V.V., Pogorely V.K. The adsorption of 1,2-dihydroxyanthraquinone on silica surface / Funktional Materials, 2000, 7, 2.

4.      Zaporozhets OA, Ivan'ko LS, Marchenko I.V., Sukhan VV. Determination of zirconium with Morine immobilized on silica surface / Zh. Anal. Khim (in Russian), 2000, 55, 4, 1-5.

5.      Zaporozhets .., Ivanko L.S., Sukhan V.V. Extraction of Tl(III) tetrabromide with dicyclohexyl-18-crown-6 / Khim Thekh vody, 1998, 20, 6, 598-603.


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